No Llores (2014)

Synopsis: Without health insurance or the ability to speak english a mother must turn to an assortment of wacky characters to treat her terminally ill son.

Dark Comedy, 4M, 4F

Basilica or The One With The Roosters (2015)

Synopsis: Basilica or The One With The Roosters follows a Mexican family who seeks to enrich their lives by moving to the United States. Lupe makes a “deal with the devil,” gambling away his home and worldly possessions and endangering the lives of his loved ones for an opportunity to move to Helms, Illinois. Ultimately it’s up to Juanita, AnaSophia, Diego, and Julieta to atone for the sins of their father

Drama, 2M, 3F

My Dad is a Pterodactyl (2016)

Synopsis: Renee’s father, an Air Force pilot, has recently died in the Iraq War, but is very much alive in his daughter’s mind through her imaginary pet Pterodactyl. Ana, Renee’s mother, has not informed Renee of her father’s death, but when Renee sneaks off to the local museum to visit the Pterodactyl exhibit and find her father, Ana must confront the truth and inform her daughter. Together, they learn to cope with their loss.

Drama, 1 M, 2F, 3M/F


Hoosegow (2016)

Synopsis: A woman attends a catholic confessional to repent for sins she hasn't committed. An ex-convict sees his opening to escape.

Comedy, 1 M, 1 F


Wake Up Happy (2016)

Synopsis: Set in a futuristic world where Well-beutrin is used to keep the population happy and only happy; Monica fights to remember her solemn past. 

Drama, 2F